A guide on whole of life policy

With whole of life insurance being so popular in the UK today this guide will help you understand the types of whole life policies and help you select the best one for your needs. So what is a whole of life policy? Firstly let’s look at the premiums Guaranteed Premium: with this type of policy … [Read more…]

What are Financial Claims in the UK

With so much publicity over the last 3 years in the UK surrounding the misselling of PPI financial claims of all natures have escalated. We will discuss some of the other financial products you can make a claim against in the UK and a quick guide on why you may feel you have been missold … [Read more…]

Explaining the Concept of Whole of Life Insurance

Life insurance is known as the contract between an insurance holder and assurer, which would be composed of premiums that would be given to the insured person or his/her beneficiaries upon death. There are varying concepts included in the insurance, such as in the case of critical illness experienced by the insured person and other … [Read more…]

PPI Claims Made Simple

PPI claims made simple are here to guide you out in this complicated process. It may seem scary and too complex especially since you have to deal with a lot of stuff. How can you have a shot at a claim? PPI Claims Made Simple: How Strong Are Your Chances? Do you have a PPI … [Read more…]

Best Whole Life Insurance: What Does Best Insurance Mean?

 best whole life insurance: What Does Best Insurance Mean? Everyone wants to possess the best there is. Best whole life insurance is something that can give you the best in terms of offerings, insurance cover and premium contributions. Life insurance is such an important aspect to everyone. It gives protection where many do not even … [Read more…]