PPI Claims Made Simple

PPI claims made simple are here to guide you out in this complicated process. It may seem scary and too complex especially since you have to deal with a lot of stuff. How can you have a shot at a claim?

PPI Claims Made Simple: How Strong Are Your Chances?

Do you have a PPI policy? Determining if you have one is the first step that can make a difference in your claim. Some people are not aware that they have purchased a PPI policy. If you are one of those people, then you may have a strong chance of filing a reclaim. Here are some of the scenarios where you may have a better opportunity for a claim.

  • You were sold the policy without your knowledge or consent. Since it was sold unbeknownst to you, it would have been difficult to file a claim for something you thought you do not have.
  • You were sold the policy without being provided with an explanation. This is not just any explanation but rather one that reiterates that an existing medical condition can lead to the nullification of the policy. This also entails an explanation and clarification of the policy’s terms and conditions.
  • You are unemployed when you took the insurance. It does not matter whether you are retired, unemployed or self employed. The bottom line is that the policy benefit will not be used because you are not employed at that time.
  • You are aged 65 to 70 (or more as long as it is over the upper age limit) at the time covered when the policy is taken out.
  • The policy sold to you is single premium and the whole cost is paid up front. The money should also be borrowed at a rate similar to that given to the loan where the policy is attached.
  • The policy was sold to you because you were informed that it is compulsory.

How Much Will You Get If PPI Claims Made Simple?

Say you fit in one of the scenarios mentioned and it is revealed that you have a chance to getting a claim, you will receive a notification. This will be sent by the lender, also the seller of the policy, or the Financial Ombudsman Service. If the claim is successful, you can reclaim all the premiums paid together with the interest. This will be returned at the compensatory rate that is applicable to the situation.

Process Of The PPI Claims Made Simple

In the event that you are informed that you can get a refund, there are two ways on how you can accomplish this. You can do it by yourself or get a company to do it. What should you do if you went for the first process?

Start by getting in touch with the lender who also sold you the policy. Remember to state in writing the reasons why you should be given the refund. If you do not receive a response in a timely manner, you can write them again. If all else fails, you can seek the help of the Financial Ombudsman Service. This is how you can go about PPI claims made simple.


Best Whole Life Insurance: What Does Best Insurance Mean?

 best whole life insurance: What Does Best Insurance Mean?

Everyone wants to possess the best there is. Best whole life insurance is something that can give you the best in terms of offerings, insurance cover and premium contributions. Life insurance is such an important aspect to everyone. It gives protection where many do not even care to notice. You need to be aware that life insurance is not an expense at all but a long term investment that probably you won’t be able to enjoy. Your spouse or selected beneficiary will be the one to enjoy what you have invested in life insurance. It is designed that way and you should know that.

They Fall Into Two Categories

Aside from best whole life insurance there is something else that is still related to life insurance. Term life policies and whole life policies are the two categories available. Term life policies are purely insurance only, it is cheap but you only get pure protection, nothing more and nothing less. Whole life policies combine an investment product with the protection, so you get cash values later. However, they can be expensive depending on the details. If you desire purely protection and that is suitable for you, you can settle for a term life policy. Otherwise, you need a whole life protection.

They Must Be Treated Separately From Investments

Best whole life insurance is not investment per se but protection. You must not treat your insurance as investment. While there is expected income from your insurance policy later, you must not treat is as your investment. You need to have a separate investment instrument if you want to enter into an investment. This is the mistake that many individuals commit, they make insurance as their investment. It does not work that way. For protection it is always insurance but for investment purposes, investment in an investment instrument. There are various investment instruments like bonds, stocks and other forms of investment.

They Must Be Bought When You Are Young and Healthy

If you want to take advantage of best whole life insurance, then you must buy it when you are young and healthy. When you buy it when you are young, the premiums are low and you can get a high coverage. This is the advantage that you have. If you decide to buy when you are 40 years old, then the coverage will be very high and the provider will be strict with some requirements. When you buy it while you are healthy, this can also affect the restrictions on your policy. Aside from this, you clean bill of health will affect the price of the premium payments.

What does best whole life insurance mean? It means that you will get the top of the line coverage on your life insurance. You get premium coverage and excellent service. You also get premium protection. Since life insurance is something that is very important, you must not settle for anything but the best. Your protection must come from a provider who will pay off the face cover of your policy, no questions asked when it

Reasons Why You Need a Good Mortgage Advisor

The mortgage advisor is a professional well-educated in the field of house loans. The mortgage broker is a qualified professional who can best give advice on the scheme suitable for your housing loan needs. If your mortgage broker is good, the following considerations should be first noted:

  • Type of payment scheme
  • Mortgage tenure
  • Rate available based on credit records
  • Type of interest rate
  • Levels of lender

Why Discuss Your Home Loan With A Mortgage Advisor

The mortgage brokers have the sufficient knowledge in any kind of information related to home loans most especially those important aspects. There are many kinds of mortgages you can find but every term has its technical limits as well. For an ordinary borrower, this can be very confusing. A professional mortgage broker will help you organize the necessary data and discuss what deals are available in the housing industry. After organizing the necessary details, the next thing to choose is what mortgage term suits your budget and your credit rating. The following are some of the additional reasons for having a mortgage broker:

  • Middle man. The mortgage broker should always be on your side and not favouring the companies lending house loans. Hence, it will reinforce the broker to get the best deal for you on home loans. Do not feel any dismay when dealing with companies since they will not present the best deals for your interest.
  • Knows your needs. The broker should be able to aid you in getting the best mortgage in accordance with your needs. Each borrower has their own requirements and the broker knows how to find the best deal for your home loan. Of course, this includes the paperwork, as the brokers completely know the technical terms presented in a home loan application.
  • Certified mortgage broker. Another job you need to do is research a qualified broker to help you. It is fairly important to search for the broker’s certification with the Financial Services Authority.

To sum it up, hiring a mortgage broker to assist you with your home loan starts with research and ends with a signed agreement. Remember that the mortgage advisor should help you achieve the best mortgage deals and not lose them.


Mis Sold Pension Claims: The Steps in Claiming Back

Mis sold pension claims are no longer unusual these days. There are so many reasons that can cause the mis sold pensions. We will be discussing some of the most common reasons of mis sold pension occurrence in this article.

What Is a Mis Sold Pension?

A mis sold pension is the unfavourable scenario wherein an individual was not able to get his pension. However, there are certain ways to claim back this pension with the help of reputable agencies that offer their expertise in this matter.

Never ever think of not fighting for what you deserve. This pension is yours. You paid for that when you were still working. Therefore, you should be the one getting this amount of money when you need it. Do not worry. Mis sold pension claims of the clients have often won. It is all thanks to the help of those agencies that use their expertise in mis sold pensions to claim back the pension that really belongs to their client.

What Are the Possible Reasons for Mis Sold Pensions?

There are so many reasons that we can think of in which the individual has been mis sold his pension. The most common reason among all the reasons is if the individual is a Final Salary Pension Scheme member. If the individual is a member of this and decided to transfer it to a money purchase scheme, whether they left their employment or not, then chances are high that you mis sold your pension.

If you were a member of any of the schemes listed below and you transferred it before to another scheme, then there is a high possibility that you mis sold your pension. You must immediately call a mis sold pension company in order to know how to make mis sold pension claims and get back the amount of money that truly belongs to you.

1.)    Police Pensions

2.)    Railway Pensions

3.)    NHS Pensions

4.)    Civil Service Pensions

5.)    Teachers Pensions

6.)    Individuals that have Final Salary Pensions included

How Do You Make Mis Sold Pension Claims?

If you think that you have mis sold your pension, then you can send a letter to the company to allow you to review. The review means checking whether you have really mis sold your pension. The review also means to find out how much is the possible amount that you can claim back.

During the first breakout of news regarding the mis sold pensions, writing a letter to the companies to allow a review was the only way of the people to claim back. There was a deadline in the year 2000 to write a mis sold pension claim letter. However, just because we are already past the deadline does not mean that you can no longer claim it back at all. The presence of companies that have expertise in mis sold pensions are for that purpose – to help those people who have mis sold their pensions claim back the money that is really for them.